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Sea freight

  • One stop shipping service
One stop shipping service

One stop shipping service

  • Product description: To provide customers with one-stop services of empty container, trailer, commodity inspection and customs declaration. At the same time, we provide cargo insurance, cargo customs clearance and other s

One-stop shipping service

To provide customers with terminal storage yard reserved empty cabinets, trailers, commodity inspection, customs clearance one-stop service. At the same time, we provide goods insurance, customs clearance and other services. Your demand is the mission of the logistics bus, we will continue to brave the waves, so that your goods can reach the other side smoothly and quickly! Preferential price, stable aging.

One-stop shipping service process:

As long as you make a phone call and send the information to our company, we will help you to operate all the procedures immediately, so that you can easily complete the shipping process.



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