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Shenzhen Hongjie International Logistics was established in 2003, and began to focus on pure battery transportation in 2006. Since 2008, it has established a number of operation centers and warehouses in Hong Kong, becoming the first batch of freight forwarding companies to operate FBA cargo. Near Yannanguang Expressway, the transportation is convenient. Hongjie has experienced more than ten years of industry training and development. It now has more than 10 pickup trucks, radiating all over Shenzhen and surrounding cities, with more than 100 team members.

Products and advantages:
Relying on the combination of express delivery, special line and sea transportation, we radiate all FBA stations in Europe, the United States and Japan and some countries, including the newly emerging Wal-Mart market. With more than ten years of pure battery transportation experience, we have become the most professional battery transportation expert in the industry. The three modes of transportation are flexible and changeable. Customize exclusive solutions for customers, optimize logistics costs, and provide customers with a series of professional services. Express delivery time is stable, no cabin arrangement in peak season; special line has a high price ratio, quick timeliness is comparable to Xiaohongdan, European special line can reach as fast as 5 days, Hong Kong has warehouses, and can accept self-delivered parts. It has incomparable advantages in providing services for some emergencies. British and American overseas warehouses can provide supporting services. Accumulated the first batch of original customers: Anker, BaiShiTai, Global Buy, Paterson,YouKeShu, Zebao, Savi, Aoji and so on.

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