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Amazon closes some distribution centers in an emergency, and order delivery may be affected

The new crown epidemic has not been eliminated in the world. In North America, the United States, South America, Brazil and Russia across Europe and Asia, there are still 2W + or 1W + newly diagnosed in a single day. But people's fear of the new crown virus is far less than the original. From the original "talk about crown" color change to the current talk about laughter, it shows that the new crown virus has been suppressed to a certain extent in various countries, just like me In China, we have basically recovered more than 75% of the situation before the outbreak.
The same is true for the air transport industry. From the crazy breaking of air freight rate in April and may to the continuous lowering of air freight rate, the capacity is slowly restored, and the freight rate is gradually restored to an acceptable range, which is undoubtedly good news for foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce. Before many sellers can not deliver goods, or bite teeth insist on delivery of the seller, may usher in new life and transformation, congratulations everyone is survived!!

But we are far from the time to take off the easy and defensive, even if the crisis is wanton, the danger is still numerous.

As far as the United States is concerned, due to the impact of the epidemic, the local express companies are basically paralyzed, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, which are in a state of emergency, and the delivery end is in short supply. Whether the goods are transported by express delivery, air delivery, or sea transportation, customs clearance extraction, barcode scanning, terminal delivery may be very slow, except for the end paralysis and some force majeure factors End sea transportation will also face a great test. Shipping companies will reduce their routes and stop a large number of water ships, which will lead to a very tight space. Some of them have a serious case rejection, so it is possible to postpone one or even two water supply. In addition, affected by the epidemic, many masks are also involved, leading to a surge in domestic and foreign port inspections.

At present, the United States is in a turbulent situation, which is worse than last year's Hong Kong. After all, these are two natures. Hong Kong is a forced injection of external forces, trying to achieve independence and division of Hong Kong. The United States is a racial discrimination left over from history. This kind of inferiority may detonate at any time:

Protests, riots, burning, looting and smashing caused by the "death of black people" have spread to more than 70 cities in the United States and become increasingly fierce. At present, at least 40 cities in the United States have announced the implementation of curfews: from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next day, no one is allowed to be on public streets, boulevards, boulevards, places, sidewalks except for special duty personnel , alleys, parks or any public area or uninformed private property.
At present, many shopping malls, physical stores, Nike, LV bags, brand jewelry and watches and other luxury brand stores in the United States have been severely poisoned and hurt It's unreasonable that some people snatch packages directly in ups and FedEx's trucks, containers at the unloading platform, and even people are directly run over by cars in bad situations. It's really sad. At present, marches, protests, smashing, looting and burning have taken a stroll...

At present, the United States is still in full swing. As the riots continue to escalate, Amazon has to close some distribution centers to ensure the safety of goods and people.

Amazon closes some distribution centers in an emergency, and order delivery may be affected

Amazon is reducing its express business in Chicago and other cities, closing some distribution sites and adjusting some delivery routes,Or reduce the regular business to ensure the safety of Amazon team members.

"Close contact will be maintained with local officials and the protests will continue to be monitored," the Amazon US team said "We are actively monitoring the marches in each area and are re planning the delivery routes to ensure that they are safe."

According to foreign media reports, Amazon also sent a notice to Amazon delivery drivers in Chicago and Los Angeles: "if you are delivering now, stop immediately and go home. If your delivery task has not been completed, please return and return the undelivered package to the pick-up location. " Notices have been sent to drivers in nearly 12 cities, including Minneapolis, Seattle, Los Angeles, Nashville and Miami.

Amazon said that it had closed the delivery places "close to the demonstration activities" and would reopen them after confirming the safety. Because the protestors robbed an Amazon delivery vehicle, now the United States often robbed it in the guise of protest. Amazon has to close some distribution centers and reduce the delivery of trucks, so as to reduce the losses.

If the riot cannot be effectively contained and alleviated in a few days, Amazon will close more distribution centers to ensure safety, which has a serious impact on the distribution of orders.
At present, due to the tense situation between China and the United States, as well as the serious situation in the United States, the inspection rate of increased shipping volume has increased, and the inspection rate of special air lines has also increased.
1. Prepare goods and select multiple channels to make delivery plan in advance
2. Pay close attention to the trend of goods in transit
3. Prepare for early warning of goods delay in advance
4. purchase insurance for valuable products
Apart from the United States, Japan is actually not peaceful. Since March and April, the inspection rate has also increased sharply, the efficiency of customs clearance is slow, and the distribution is not satisfactory. Some goods have not been released so far, which is puzzling..
Since the epidemic, due to the change of Japanese customs tax reform, customs clearance policy and declaration value rules, the taxes printed out by air and sea transportation may be frightening, which has never been encountered before. Some goods may have thousands or even tens of thousands of taxes, which is actually painful. Of course, this is also related to many factors, such as inspection Inspection, such as higher value of goods, higher sales, higher product tax rate, higher declared value, etc., all directly affect the level of tax. Look at all the sellers, they are really heartbroken...

At present, many Japanese shipping agents and forwarders have stopped receiving the goods of Japanese shipping. First, there are too many stranded goods in the port, which leads to the unsatisfactory efficiency of container picking up and customs clearance, which seriously affects the timeliness and service experience. Second, the sharp rise of taxes leads to too much capital to be prepaid and the pressure of capital turnover increases sharply. Third, there are too many uncontrollable factors to avoid sellers Control the risk of bad debts caused by customers' running money.

Therefore, the freight forwarder has informed that the current Japanese taxes need to be collected in advance, and the final return is more or less. It can be seen that the pressure is not generally large, which is also pressure for the seller and logistics, which means that the seller needs more cash, and the service provided by the freight forwarder may be discounted compared with the previous, but it is good for the freight forwarder to avoid risks, so there are gains and losses.
The year 2020 should be the most difficult year for cross-border e-commerce. After difficulties, I believe that we will see light and hope again. No business will be smooth or lonely,We use persistence to keep the hope in our hearts, and use hope to water our faith in our hearts!

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