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In October 2011, Anker was born in California. It was founded by Steven Yang, a former Google engineer. It is a global registered brand. Anker produces smart digital peripheral products such as mobile power supply, charger, Bluetooth peripherals, data lines, etc., with key markets covering North America, Japan and many European countries.

Hongjie has accumulated more than ten years of industry experience, started international freight transportation in 2003, and started to focus on pure battery transportation in 2006. Since 2008, Hongjie has successively established many operation centers and warehouses in Hong Kong. In 2011, with the Internet industry sweeping the world, e-commerce has sprung up. Hongjie has been focusing on a wide range of e-commerce logistics for a long time, and has established a variety of safe and efficient channels. Especially for the international logistics transportation of Amazon FBA, we provide customers with a series of professional services: Overseas customs clearance, tax number, overseas return, etc. We have also become the first freight forwarding company to operate FBA goods. We have accumulated our first batch of original customers and are still in stable cooperation at present: Anker, global e-shopping, youkeshu, patoshon, inenco, Yuantong supply chain, PepsiCo, tongtuo, Leneng, etc




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