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Sea freight

  • Sea bulk LCL
Sea bulk LCL

Sea bulk LCL

Introduction to LCL business:

 LCL: mainly in Singapore, Japan, Europe and South Korea. Shipping time and freight rate are the obvious advantages of our company, and we can provide the business of contracting, binding, packaging, distribution, etc.
 Full container: mainly carrying goods to ports in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa and Southeast Asia. Rich practical experience. The good cooperation with the major shipping companies and peers is our * * advantage in contracting goods, which can provide customers with more economic, reliable and efficient logistics services.
Shipping double clear route:

Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, EU, Dubai.
Brief introduction of Taiwan Shuangqing special line business:
Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta goods, consignor warehouse, consignee pick up. Taiwan to mainland freight, whole container, agent export customs clearance, import customs clearance, trailers, trailers, price concessions, time stability.

 Shipping process:
 Inquiry - booking space - packing - customs declaration - making bill of lading, preparing customs clearance documents - taking delivery
 1. Inquiry: provide container type, container quantity and single container weight, port of departure, port of destination, time of shipment, product name, etc. Understand the closing time, material cutting and replenishing time, departure time, arrival time, etc.
 2. Arrange booking after accepting the offer: fill in the shipping form for booking, track the storage space paper (s / O) in time, get the S / O before loading, and give the ticket to the car shop (the owner will not give the ticket on Saturday afternoon and Sunday). Try to reserve enough time for customs declaration 2 days before the closing date.
 3. Arrange Trailer loading: provide loading address, loading time, contact person and contact number.
 4. After the container is loaded into the terminal, it is necessary to arrange customs declaration in time (purchase declaration or general trade tax refund declaration, etc.).
 5. Check the information of bill of lading, pay for the redemption bill, and handle the customs clearance formalities required by other countries (such as certificate of origin, insurance, etc.) before the ship owner intercepts and replenishes the materials
 6. All the prepared customs clearance materials shall be sent to foreign customers, L / C, D / A, D / P, etc. shall be delivered to the bank, and foreign customers shall arrange customs clearance and delivery.

(as long as you make a phone call and send the information to our company, our company will help you to operate all the processes, so that you can easily complete the shipping process.)


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