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Ten years to build this city

More than a decade ago, it was zero, the original place, the birthplace of the dream, a desolate landscape, and then with their unremitting efforts and efforts to become a city, a city engraved with all their marks, all the dusty desolation slowly swallowed up without a trace. We all know in the nineties of the sea, fry the trend of The Times has produced a string of billionaire, but at that time they could not become a trend-setter, because they are born, nineties they are small can't for their own trace on the stroke of stone carving, so at the beginning of the 21st century the founders decisively jump out from the relatively superior work environment, for only in the heart of the hot they don't want to comfort, just want to fight a belong to my own business, they know only industrial can write a thick a life for them, But imagine the cost and bitterness of their decision, the absurdity of their words, the bitterness of their tears, the pain of their private lives.
Each of the entrepreneurial journey, the road is extremely rugged, the process is so long and difficult, no one knows how many nights, they toss and turn, unable to sleep; When they go to pay respects to the customer in the rain and the wind, there is only a straightforward rejection; When they were in the sun and the wind and ran through every piece of information that might be useful to capture, they never gave up, never gave up anything that might make them smile; When they are sneered at by their customers and thrown out by them; When they failed to cooperate because of a mistake of their own; When they have an appointment and the client backs out; When they can't open the channel; When they drop out because of a partner; When they fail to satisfy customers because of cooperation; When they are at a loss because of the shipment etc. These are waiting for their infinite lost, is difficult to express the helpless, is in distress situation d difficult, while the wrinkles and sadness on the face quietly but go to, but they encountered many difficulties and obstacles is it with these bad words can say the other three, that is too naive ignorance, you how many, how much blame should afford, how much you have insist, how many rings should accept, short step, without even thousands of miles, no product small flow beyond into the rivers, Rome is not build in a day.
"We conspired, the joy of the victory we share", this is the propaganda slogan of hongjie, this sentence is confirmed to want to do big and strong, must and the vast number of customers to work together, parallel, in order to enjoy a very wonderful outcome. That kind of joy, with each other as the premise, also with each other as the end.
Ten years to sharpen a sword, a hundred boats contend for the best. Ten years. How many decades are there in a life? Is too long, they seize every minute, imagine them in those days, no, fixed prefix machine without holding a smartphone is a nightmare there is only a tattered BP machine, decent office is floating clouds, high speed information highway, which are just prototypes for now the customer information is still a big duck eggs, all have to capture and process but accumulation and how heartbreaking and memories. Cheered between a read, compared to today's "magnificent", more to let them know today everything is hard-won, river lake is like a dark forest enterprise countless hunter and prey will also have strong resistance, perhaps every step forward is a tougher, caution, inside and outside of survival is to let them keep crisis consciousness, because they know the market competition in full swing now put others out of the fief or forgotten by others.
Ten years, hong jie city cast, the city a lifetime love dearly, the castle, is the crystallization of their lots of sweat and effort, this is not so much they founded enterprises as it is their child, so there for them, are the most familiar home, poured too much too much, this not only their own heart forever.
How time flies, time flies, ten years, as if still in front of them was, because they pay a youth collection collection at this moment can slowly playback, past all of the various value because they are abundant, with ten years of planting in countless harvest, no doubt this is the same as before and they expect the same.
Near hongjie, here is a good big logistics park, the first floor is the operation department to sit the main court, here sit the basic is a horse roping men powerful and magnificent, even if the body is a little weak will is iron iron fortitude, all goods are concentrated here is started and then be transported to the corresponding destination; The second floor is the sales department handles, easing strewn at random have the office space, simple quietly elegant yet humanity warm layout, basic it is placed inside the youth passion filled with infinite vitality of the salesman, they are not so much the salesman than they are in this piece of land in order to dream brandish asperses sweat guard; The 3rd floor is the customer service administrative logistics control, inside the ground root is basically the same as the flower of women let people salivate like scattered in the hong jie angel care about their leap soil.

General situation on the ground floor

Second floor sales department site

Third floor administrative logistics customer service department

Three - story high rise from the ground, brilliant by their own. Here people can not help feeling incredibly still exist on the market such a like idyllic logistics park is the escort cross-border electricity, because most of logistics on the market are occupied a small piece of flat warehouse so this operation, it is no wonder that clients come in and friends can't help feeling can have this kind of size do cross-border transportation service is a kind of luxury and strength.
Hongjie did not invest in any portal or search engine advertising bidding, also did not write advertorials to do promotion, of course not to exclude this kind of practice, the world, every way, every channel, existence is reasonable, can achieve harmony, the key to see you have a kind of what kind of attitude to go with it. Hongjie rely on their own real efforts, rely on orderly steps, rely on the long-term accumulation of word of mouth and praise.
All say pulling the national economy depends on investment and export, consumption this troika, so the development of hong jie also have a lot of props: founder (the boss and the wife of shop-owner), business manager, channel manager, financial manager, operations manager, these are following his company, now in their stability jiangshan, hong jie have today's achievement in addition to they also cannot leave hong jie toiling away every family, without regrets pay, each department is linked together, complement each other be short of one cannot, who are not functioning.
Hongjie is now a little famous in the industry, the customer's heart also has steelyard to measure good and bad, right and wrong. Nowadays, more voices are heard that hongjie has good strength, good service, fast aging, stable channels, etc., but they know that they will never boast of hongjie or compare themselves with the logistics on the market. In hongjie everyone in the heart, there is such a belief: just do their own service, the rest of the time to others to assess to rating. Because they don't have the strength to think about things they can't control, they can only be themselves.
Self-cultivation rooted in the heart, self-consciousness without reminding, freedom based on restraint, kindness for others. These words in the hearts of each hongjie slowly took root and germinated, which can also reflect that certain cultural precipitation and cultivation of hongjie are accumulated by everyone from the inside out, but also by time.
Finally, we would like to express our special thanks to our friends and customers who have been supporting hongjie for a long time. Hong jie will continue after completes the labor of duty, the cross-border transportation, to continue to improve service quality, the person, we will be able to customers and friends from all walks of life to enjoy the goods safe and efficient arrival Destination that piece of joy, hong jie would like to work together friends and clients is the escort of cross-border electricity business good orderly development, devote himself that contribute to it, you will come or not, hong jie right here, you don't come, hong jie not old, Weare together in the future.



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