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The opening ceremony of Hongjie's relocation to the new site was successfully concluded

June 2019 is a golden auspicious month. In order to improve the service quality and expand the scale, hongjie international logistics specially upgraded the office space and warehouse. Currently, it has been installed in the BC building of zhongji chuanggu industrial park, zhoushi road, shiyan street, baoan district, shenzhen.
June 15, 2019, is a very auspicious date:

To express appreciation to the company every staff, the company specially invite all staff family share the joy together, each worker can stick to hong jie for many years, cannot leave the family behind the silent support and pay.
At 9:15 a.m., the company's founder and senior leaders cut the ribbon for the company's opening ceremony, salute a gun, ten thousand gold, all staff and family members immersed in this beautiful moment, the entire second floor into the sea of joy in the pieces.

At 9:20, Mr. Wang, one of the founders of the company, gave a speech: on behalf of the company and all the employees, he warmly welcomed all the family members and guests, and thanked them for their support and trust for hongjie. I am very excited about the expansion of hongjie team, urging everyone to go forward hand in hand to create a better tomorrow, and eagerly put forward her biggest vision: hongjie should be the benchmark and signboard of the international logistics industry, so the future, without everyone's unremitting efforts and struggle, and continue to move forward towards this goal.

Sub-team leader, the chairman of the staff committee, the staff's family members respectively made a speech......

Then is the red envelope distribution link, divided into two parts, one part is to the company's internal staff distribution, one part is to the arrival of the family distribution, everyone can get a belongs to their own surprise, all the joy in the world will not be without reason, also will not come out of nowhere, must be someone to lead the bridge, through the most beautiful atmosphere and environment for us to spread out, so we each and every family members are particularly grateful for the arrangement of the company leadership. Well, yes, the word "arrangement" may have become "web celebrity" because of this moment.

Happy birthday, little friends.

Opened the cake and a birthday cake, and then can be a time into the food, all kinds of snacks, fruits, drinks have been arranged, very lively, the tidal wave, element must also lacks a gold, yes, very moment with appropriate music, a little not the wine company, life must drink, mo make golden cup empty the cup, then raised his glass hobnobbing.

At this moment, has been imprinted in our hearts, we will not forget this special memorable day, if is the fate let us get together, then this fate, must be the best reward given to us by god, because god for this encounter, spent its 15 years, this is the best proof, proof that this encounter is a courtesy. If life is a journey, then this journey must be colorful and hard to give up.

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Yesterday is gone, the future, we only continue to forge ahead, to become more powerful; We only close to excellence, to let the family more assured; We only to the service to achieve more extreme, to make customers more secure; Only by following our own path and building our own brand can we set an example for our cross-border counterparts... It's not always easy, it's always going to be tough, but we're going to work together, it's not just a simple slogan, it's our belief, our confidence, that tomorrow hongjie will be better, we will be better, we will be better.

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