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Another well-known cross-border seller dismisses employees and declares bankruptcy!! Cross border e-commerce risk is so high, is it worth insisting on?

Recently, many cross-border industry sellers have been attracted and laid down their guns, mostly because some stores violated the platform regulations and rules in the early stage, resulting in account closure and freezing. For Amazon sellers, once the capital chain breaks, it may be a disaster. Before the global incident, many sellers' accounts have been frozen recently.
It's not known whether global e-buy can be reborn. However, in recent days, we have heard a lot of potential sellers announce that the company is going into liquidation. It's really a pity.
There is a good Amazon seller, also began to lay off all employees, sell off the company's assets, announced the company's bankruptcy

The seller was also a platform for Amazon's "cross border new forces" activities

Another well-known seller declared bankruptcy

The boss of a well-known cross-border e-commerce enterprise in Xiamen issued a bankruptcy notice to employees in the company group.

Through the internal chat record, we can feel the helplessness of the 90 boss. It was in the early hours of the morning when this important decision was issued, which shows that it is also very painful.

Content expression:

The news of the title was as sudden as the heavy rain in the city. In May, the main link of vacuum cleaners was taken off the shelves, and in June, all the tooth cleaners were taken off the shelves. The sudden death that could have created more than 100000 profits for the company in a month really caught people off guard.

The company's existing business model and product line can no longer afford the future profit requirements, nor can it resist the business risk of Amazon, and no longer have the possibility of IPO within five years

Therefore, it was decided to close down the company and enter the liquidation stage on July 1. Intellectual property and shops will resell to others; All evaluation items shall be stopped immediately, and the buyer shall be reminded to return the normal refund that has been sent to the buyer before handover; Stop all uncompleted outside the station, normal refund completed.

Even if it is bankruptcy liquidation, we are also arranging the evaluation and payment outside the station in an orderly way. We can see that the boss is very responsible. It's a pity that the bad luck happened.

Under the situation of Amazon's high pressure, this company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

According to the seller's information, a 3C big seller's brand has been sealed, and more than 700 employees have been laid off, with more than 200 employees remaining.

Among the more than a dozen big sellers who have been titled, layoffs and even bankruptcy have become an unavoidable reality. Looking at the recent tragedy of peers, a big seller said: "this time, I've heard that several companies have started to lay off employees. If the account number of a company is almost closed, if you don't lay off employees, the employees will have nothing to do. "

Sell talent to leave, offer annual salary 100W

A foreign trade personage said: "it seems very miserable that some big brands have been closed. Many companies are ready to disband.". For a while, some operation talents were released.

Before that, a seller who had the experience of big selling company was xiangbobo. For example, a newly graduated undergraduate who "gilded" in big selling company for half a year asked for a base salary of 15k-20k when looking for a job at the beginning of the year.

At present, the operation of big selling companies is still very hard, and the salary of these talents does not seem to be affected by the wave of titles.

There are two reasons for this situation

1. These people really have strength. After the illegal operation of brush review is banned, talents with product selection and R & D strength are popular;

2. Some sellers are thirsty for talents.

After the problems with the self selling account, some sellers focused on the trend of talents and began to find all kinds of good operation and R & D talents, trying to make the company's business to a higher level. At this time, the temptation of high base salary and the system of High Commission for partners took turns, and each family had its own way of digging people.

A person in the industry said that after the big sale registration, the base salary of these people who come out of the big sale company is 1 million yuan a year, excluding Commission and dividends. It seems that these talents have focused on the market demand, and they have not lowered their selection criteria at all.

In some companies, it's a partnership system, with a base salary of about 20k-30k. Most of them pay high commission and dividends to sales performance.

Amazon account has been "cleaned", the overall momentum of the independent station is good, when some sellers consider entering the Bureau, the treatment of the independent station operators is rising. A person in the industry said that some companies give 40-50% of their gross profit commission. If they have one year's experience in operation, they ask 30K at the beginning.

After the big sellers fall one after another, there may be a group of waist sellers rising. At present, it's not difficult to see the ambition of some sellers when we look at the trend of digging for waist sellers. They want to take the opportunity to be the head.

Industry reshuffle is bound to be the survival of the best. Sometimes the so-called survival is not the best one, or it may be the one who lives to the end, or the one who adapts to the rules of the game most.

In 2021, the epidemic is still affecting countries and regions all over the world. For foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce, it is not easy. The relative and absolute weakness of sales volume, the rise of freight, the increase of FBA warehouse rent and labor costs have led to a sharp decline in profits, but the risk is quietly rising. As one of the service providers with the same branch and leaf as the seller, cross-border logistics is one of the service providers, The seller's life is not very good, also affects the logistics circle, therefore.

2021 is not only to fight the epidemic, but also to fight against the pressure. The survival of the fittest will not be too bad. Tomorrow is also the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. From the perspective of the party's development process, good things come and go, and all major events are completed in the second half of the year. So, 2021 is coming in the second half of the year. Good luck!!

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