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Win war 2021 · group building activity of Hongjie logistics sales team

In order to build a sales team with both learning and combat effectiveness and create a positive learning atmosphere, on August 16, Hongjie logistics company specially invited Zhang Wenjie's big tutor from Hong Kong to carry out a one-day closed sales training group building activity for the whole sales team of Hongjie. Mr. Wang, general manager of the company, attached great importance to it, especially attended the event, personally supervised and witnessed the growth of the sales team.

At the beginning of the training activity, teacher Wenjie quickly understood and clarified the purpose of the group building activity by asking random questions with humorous words, and also made the atmosphere on the field active!

In the first activity of Tuan Jian, teacher Wen Jie asked everyone to find a way to transfer the small object in his hand from manager Liao Xuejie to President Wang as soon as possible. In this process, the object must touch the hand of each sales student present.

The first two attempts completed the task in the way that everyone sat in their original position and let the faster runners hold the objects one by one from the starting point and let the objects touch everyone's hand until they reached the end. The completion time of the two attempts was about 2 minutes, which could not be broken through.

In the face of the current situation, everyone began to seek a breakthrough, gave advice one after another, broke the conventional thinking, left the seat, began to move, and finally stood in a row face-to-face, raised one hand and touched the other hand to form a one-way arch bridge, so that the fastest runner could hold the items from the beginning to the end, With an amazing speed of 4 seconds, I successfully completed the first test given by teacher Wenjie!

The time span from 2 minutes to 4 seconds is the self transcendence of Hongjie sales team when things are stagnant and can not be broken through. This is Hongjie spirit!

The victory at the beginning aroused everyone's fighting spirit and enhanced everyone's confidence. In teacher Wenjie's freeing Bracelet group building activity, everyone's enthusiasm for participation was high. This activity, teacher Wenjie adopted the grouping PK mechanism. Six groups recommended themselves as the group leader of the group to guide the team members to complete the freeing Bracelet task.

In the bracelet activity, teacher Wenjie asked each group to stand in a centripetal circle. Let's raise our right hands and hold the hand of the person opposite; Then raise your left hand and hold the other person's hand; The hands of adjacent people cannot be held together. Without releasing your hand, try to untie this chaotic net. Some groups help those who don't untie the bracelet after they untie it.

Through this activity, we understand that in the face of a complex problem, we need to have and only have a captain as the commander, otherwise the team members' gossip will prolong the game time and even end in failure (unable to untie the bracelet), which also tells us that it is the best way for a team to have a captain and leader: the captain is responsible for the commander in chief, Team members are responsible for implementation, and team members cooperate with each other and cooperate closely to move forward towards the goal together.

The success of the bracelet release between the groups laid a solid foundation for the success of the large-scale Bracelet release of all members. All members quickly responded to the team leader's call and responded positively. They also untied the complex Bracelet in a very short time to form a huge centripetal circle. This huge centripetal circle is a powerful proof of Hongjie's team's efficient cooperation. This is Hongjie's spirit!

Next, we will come to the sales knowledge training that we are most familiar with and care about. We brainstorm, speak freely, and analyze the prospects of our logistics industry and our own advantages and disadvantages. Mr. Zhang Wenjie gave guidance and analysis, which raised our vision and professionalism in the field of sales knowledge to a higher level.

Manager Liao Xuejie will tell you about the new sales rating standards and reward system, which will pay more for more work and encourage openness, so that everyone's every effort can be quantified by salary and recognized. This makes the next work more passionate and motivated.

At the end of the training group building activity, teacher Wenjie took the life lattice case as a warning to remind everyone that time flies. We should cherish every minute and second at present. If we can't determine the length of life, we should expand the width and depth of the whole life, so as to continuously improve our infinite possibilities and the elasticity of the whole life in the limited life space. Therefore, Mr. Wenjie asked everyone to use the smart principle to set their own goals in 2021, as well as the changes, codes of conduct and support needed to achieve the goals. Let everyone have a goal, action and direction, and create their own life.

In this sales team building activity, tutor Zhang Wenjie actively interacted with the students through course guidance, concept analysis, case sharing, group exercises and other methods, setting off a climax of course training. The strength of Hongjie's sales team is also quietly condensed and accumulated in laughter! Hongjie logistics sales Iron Army will continue to write brilliance and win the war in 2021 with a new attitude!

Hongjie spirit, yyds!



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