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Challenge ourselves, unite the team and win the future

In order to further enhance the team's cohesion and sense of honor, and create an indestructible elite team, on May 8 and 9, 2021, all staff of Hongjie logistics gathered at the east bank development base of Daya Bay in Huizhou to carry out a team training camp with the theme of "challenging ourselves, uniting the team, and winning the future".
Ice breaking journey: team building, spirit leading

At the beginning of the special training camp, the instructor used philosophical and thought-provoking games (such as high fives) to let everyone quickly open their hearts, integrate into the training theme, and ignite everyone's enthusiasm for training.

Then, through drawing lots and grouping, people from different departments came together because of this special fate and began to know each other. Everyone quickly integrated into the role, began to give advice and suggestions for their own group to get a loud team name and slogan, established a team culture (team name, team leader, slogan and team position), and displayed the unique style of their own team.

Challenge No1 - state adjustment, ignite passion

The team training camp is officially started to challenge No1 project. The team will complete three challenges in 99 seconds, namely "circle of excellence", "passion beat" and "moving phantom". Excellence circle requires that all members of the group pass through the rope loop, and the person passing through the loop can not touch the rope ring at any part of the body; In the moving phantom, the group members are surrounded by circles, and the bottles are thrown, and the same hand is required to be thrown and connected, and the cycle is repeated for 5 times in a row; The passion beat is the circle of the group members, calling "Hongjie the best team" in the form of the permohan.

In the challenges of these three projects, some teams, although they are temporary teams, find that they cooperate very well with each other. Once successful, everyone works together for the same goal; Some teams have just started to make mistakes in some links. After the team members or team leaders timely and carefully find out the problems, they adjust their strategies, change the position of the personnel, focus on them, practice repeatedly, and finally win the pass.

Through challenging No1 project, it stimulates team vitality and passion, improves the execution ability and process optimization ability of the team, strengthens the team integration and efficient cooperation. We find that in a team, good at exploring personal advantages and special features, fully and reasonably applied to their respective appropriate positions, then will achieve a perfect team.

Challenge yourself

Team building

Group building and Upgrading -- communication and cooperation, responsibility and gratitude

The "joint advance and retreat" group construction project led us to start the group construction upgrading journey. There are some irregular code cards in the target area. According to the strict rules, each group slapped the code card in the shortest time. At the beginning, because everyone did not understand the rules or did not understand the essence of the project, they failed in the first two challenges. Later, under the leadership of their respective team leaders, the whole team began to review the problems, learn from the lessons of failure, sum up a set of process for successfully completing the project and conduct scenario drills. Finally, the project was completed quickly and accurately in the third time. In this project, we began to understand the painful lessons of individual non-compliance to the rules for themselves and the organization. We should respect and understand, obey the rules. If we don't understand, we should obey first and then understand. It is our greatest contribution to the team to do well in ourselves.

In "the road of life in the storm", we form teams, playing blind and dumb respectively. We go through many obstacles together until we reach the end“ "Dumb" is speechless, but "blind" can feel the mute's silent care for themselves through various obstacles, and "dumb" can also feel the power and moving of trust in this process“ On the road of life, we have learned to communicate deeply with each other through mutual support. Instead of communicating word by word, we can trust each other and have a tacit understanding. At the same time, we have learned to be grateful for each other's silent efforts and everyone who has helped us in our lives

"Communication Babel Tower" develops team members' innovative ideas and new thinking ability, improves everyone's communication skills, and learns how to use a variety of communication methods in the team to achieve the overall goal of the team;

The puzzle of t-word is that the split t-word model needs to be re spelled into t-word, which seems simple but is full of challenges. Before the instructor announced the method, he asked everyone to try to piece it together by themselves. Influenced by the preconceived fixed thinking, many people tried it many times but failed. After the method was made public, they suddenly realized that the work they had been engaged in for a long time inevitably had mental fatigue and fixed thinking pattern. How to break the traditional logic, jump out of the frame, jump out of the comfort zone, break through themselves and dare to innovate, The courage to question empiricism is another lesson we have learned.

The group with the least score in "survival of the fittest" represents the least value creation and will be ruthlessly disbanded, and the team leader will be punished for doing push ups. After disbanding, he will go to other groups and wait for other groups to take him in. This is a challenge full of a sense of crisis and collective honor. Some teams failed in the first challenge, and the team leader was punished for push ups. After knowing his shame, he was brave and worked hard; Some of them enhance their understanding of value through the elimination and dissolution of the team, shape the concept that if there is no value, they will be eliminated by the market, and think about their own value in the team and how to play the maximum value; Some teams were disbanded, the team flag was burned, and the team leader was fined 120 push ups. At that moment, the team spirit broke out, and every team member followed the team leader to do push ups, sharing weal and woe with the team. This is the team, storm in the same boat, forge ahead!

Graduation wall: team cohesion, team transcendence

The most striking and impressive event is the final graduation wall. 154 children are not allowed to use any tools outside their bodies to climb over a smooth wall of 4.2 meters in 30 minutes without making any sound. When the commander-in-chief says the goal, most people think it is impossible to accomplish it. But when everyone's strength comes together, when we work towards the common goal, do our best, do not give up, do not abandon, and finally challenge for the third time, we successfully challenge the impossibility before us with 16 minutes and 15 seconds. When all of us successfully crossed the graduation wall, our eyes were filled with tears, shouting and applause. This is a miracle we have created together and created our own record.

The team training camp is not so much an expansion activity, but a transformation journey of team and individual. After the end of the activity, everyone felt deeply, began to explore outward, think inward, and contributed a number of excellent articles. Some people say: if you don't force yourself, you will never know how good you are; Some people say: I want to be confident, cheerful and brave; Some people say: there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team; Some people began to reflect on the problems existing in their work through the construction of the Youth League. Some people began to see different themselves and decided to make themselves better. Sometimes just because of a small change, it will roll up the butterfly effect in a person's life.

In order to encourage everyone's enthusiasm for creation, the company selected three excellent works from the manuscripts of many League building activities (the authors are Liao pan and Xiao Hong from the sales department and Li Ping from the customer service department), and gave each person a cash reward of 200 yuan.

Liao Xuejie, manager of Sales Department 1, presented awards to excellent authors of articles

Through the team training camp, we can see a group of Hongjie people who are full of youth and vitality, striving for progress, and we can see the infinite possibilities of Hongjie people. We hope that in the next days, we can uphold the spirit and quality gained in the team training camp and shine brilliantly in our respective Posts! Come on, Hongjie!

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